Scott Cooper

Scott Cooper

Recent Projects

Over the past year or so I have been mainly directing film and CG for major corporate installations and exhibitions. This has been a challenging and very rewarding experience involving designing, filming, animating and post-production as well as giving me the opportunity to research future technologies to present mixed-media in new, exciting and engaging ways.


After 10 years of graphic design experience I moved into animation and interactive design in the 1990s. These were exciting and innovative times with the emergence of new digital technologies and by working for companies such as VidZone and Zinc I was deeply involved in developing what have become the standards in interactive and web design.
Highlights of this period include designing the interface for the first touch-screen kiosk in Europe (VidZone, Tower Records Piccadilly Circus), working on the first digital magazine (UnZip) and creating the first web page to contain streaming video (h2g2 for Douglas Adams)

After several years as a graphic designer and animator working in Multi Media I took a BA course in 3D Digital Animation, gained a 1st class (hons) degree and went to work for Double Negative as a VFX Technical Director. I worked in films for 6 years as a VFX artist and 3D designer and gained credits on 9 feature films.
Highlights of this period including animating Batman's cape in The Dark Knight and designing and modelling the Attack Harrier and several futuristic cars for Total Recall.

I moved out of film VFX three years ago to pursue a broader range of creative pursuits as an independent artist. I now create 2D and 3D motion-graphics in After Effects and Maya as well as directing and self-shooting video. I am equally happy realising the full potential of an existing creative brief or conceptualising, and directing larger projects and supervising animation teams.

Scott Cooper C.V.

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